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Anurag Prakash Ray

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About Us

Welcome To Konfeti
Weddings and Events

It was 2011 when we started our journey as a wedding planning agency. Those years of hard work, dedication and numerous weddings planned and decorated were filled with happy newlyweds from all over the world! And we are grateful for and proud of each one of them!

We offer you a complete wedding planning service or a decoration service (flowers, invitations, favors, balloons, fireworks, etc), depending on your needs and wishes.

We will also be glad to support you with decorations or planning services for other fun events, such as birthday parties, christening parties and similar.

If you want to organize the perfect wedding in Croatia do not hesitate to contact us!

“Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.”
- Dwight Moody -

Our Services

What we offer you is

Wedding Planning

We offer wedding planning services in Dalmatia - the prettiest coastal region of Croatia. We can organize your wedding in locations such as Split, Trogir, ancient roman Salona, Zadar and many more.
Our team is here to offer you a full planning service tailored completely to your needs. An outdoor wedding, traditional wedding, a small one with just a few close friends and family or a big party
- it is completely up to you!

Wedding Decorations

If you have figured out the main ideas to make your dream wedding but need help with bringing those to life, contact our creative team, discuss your decoration ideas, profit from our professional advice and receive a personalized offer by email. Don't get lost in the endless Pinterest ideas, our experience enables us to know what is worth the money spent and what's not! Hiring a professional might actually save you some money;)


We are also here to provide the best decorations for your other life events such as birthdays, christenings and similar. All parties are more beautiful with some flowers and carefully chosen decorations!

Our Services

Wedding Planning

  • Wedding location
  • Wedding venue
  • Vendors
  • Guidance
  • Coordination
  • Assistance throughout the entire day

Our Services

Wedding Decoration

  • Flowers
  • Invitations
  • Favors
  • Balloons
  • Buttonholes decorations
  • Fireworks


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